Following their recent launching of CHERY TIGGO 3, TIGGO 5, and Arrizo 5; the Automotive dealer GB Ghabbour Auto, proceeds with their ongoing OOH strategy, presenting the new TIGGO 8 and TIGGO 7 by CHERY.   

Using bird-eye perspective shots of the new car model, the ad copy features the message “Go big with your dream with the new CHERY TIGGO generation” in a strong white font, adding that the new TIGGO 8 has 7 seats.

In addition, GB Ghabbour Auto promotes TIGGO 7, with visuals that show the interior design and the front side of the model; using a different ad copy that says “Infinite performance with the new CHERY TIGGO generation”; also mentioning that it has Turbo to keep up with the size of the car. Both ads preserved the bottom space for the hotline and, the logos of the sponsors.

Starting during the first week of April; the campaign can be seen on uni-poles, double-decker poles, and mega signs, on various locations across Greater Cairo.

GB Ghabbour Auto presents the new CHERY TIGGO 8 and TIGGO 7-00
GB Ghabbour Auto presents the new CHERY TIGGO 8 and TIGGO 7-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Automotive

Brand: CHERY

Advertiser: GB Ghabbour Auto

OOH Size: Double-decker Pole | Mega-Sign | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Tiggo 8 | Tiggo 7 | Shell Helix

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