The Egyptian Dental Center Shiny White, has launched their first OOH campaign promoting the medical services they provide.

Using black backgrounds to be the show-case for a very attractive smiling model, the ad copy features a message stating “Smile of Success Looks Good on You” in a strong white font; parallel to it, another message that says “Smile of Happiness Looks Good on You”, with the logo of the brand at the middle, the center locations and hotline at the bottom. Moreover, the ad shows that they now have a branch at the Capital Business Park and include the logo of UN’s World Health Organization at the bottom as casual endorsement.

Starting during the first week of April, the campaign can be seen on large uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega-signs on various locations across Greater Cairo.

Shiny White promises smiles of happiness and success-00
Shiny White promises smiles of happiness and success-00

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