Following the preliminary presentation of the project at Cityscape Egypt, developer City Edge has launched a new Out-Of-Home campaign to announce to the wider public the take-off of Baroque, their latest residential project in NAC.

Parallel to their branding OOH campaign as “the national developer of Egypt” which is still on the roads, the new initiative appeared during the first week of April, and presents Baroque with visuals depicting 17th century frescos and B/W images to encompass the artistic name of the project. The slogan presents the project as “The official Downtown of the New Capital”.

Unlike other campaigns of City Edge, Baroque uses limited locations so it is expected to expand in the coming weeks adding to their existing media planning of uni-poles, billboards, mega signs, and double-decker poles.

City Edge presents Baroque on Cairo billboards-00
City Edge presents Baroque on Cairo billboards-00

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