Welcome to our second anniversary! Today Insite OOH Media Platform turns 2, and we are excited to celebrate our first toddler years of achievements with our readers.

It’s amazing how fast we’ve grown in such a short time. Starting with a Beta Version in March 2017, our platform has evolved to become a true community for marketers, advertising professionals, agencies, and media owners.

With 43,000+ users, our readership now spans across the globe, with visitors from more than 150 countries worldwide that use our superb search tool to find the latest news about the brands that operate in the Egyptian market.

Gradually, our content has progressed during these two years, with Version 1.0 providing not only daily campaign reviews, but also a better reader experience with insider stories, market trends, business insights, and the latest strategies from leading brands. Almost 2,000 posts tell our story, which is the history of the OOH market of Egypt since 2017. 

These numbers push us to innovate even more, and we’re already creating the next interface! Soon, our platform will add an extra layer of campaign credits to include agencies and media buyers, building an active and hyperlinked Agency Directory that will display all the campaigns by agency at a glance. Imagine the interface possibilities for Egypt’s marketers across all industries! You will be able to connect to agencies based on their creative work, and keep track of your favorite campaigns. And get ready for more and better connectivity with our upcoming Marketplace, the first online accessible OOH market in Egypt!

Our platform is still young to keep innovating; however, our team is also experienced enough to provide informed opinions about what happens in the OOH market of Egypt. Our passion for OOH brought us here: your loyalty for OOH makes us stay. Thank you everyone for reading and sharing your OOH stories with us. We’re looking forward to the upcoming anniversaries together!


Industry: Marketing & Advertising


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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

The Art & Science of OOH

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