As automotive dealers increase their promotional efforts, GB Ghabbour Auto has also hit the roads with a new outdoor campaign for one of their exclusive dealership brands: CHERY.

With ads that showcase models Arrizo 5, Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5, the ad copy invites viewers to “Choose what suits you from CHERY’S promotions”, offering a special discount during a limited time. Ad copy in different font types and colors alternates the messages above the display of models.

Starting at the beginning of March, the campaign uses billboards, double-decker poles and mega signs on various districts of Greater Cairo.

Ghabbour reinforces promotion of CHERY models-00
Ghabbour reinforces promotion of CHERY models-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Automotive

Brand: CHERY

Advertiser: GB Ghabbour Auto

OOH Size: Billboard | Double-decker Pole | Mega-Sign

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Shell | Tiggo 3 | Tiggo 4 | Arrizo 5

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