Events organizer Expobook has extended their outdoor campaign to increase the awareness for the first edition of “Expomoda”, a new fashion exhibition in Egypt.

Under the patronage of Egypt’s Cabinet of Ministers & Ministry of Trade and Industry along GOEIC and Cairo Governorate, the ads present viewers with the dates and location of the event that is to become an international exhibition specialized in yarn, textile, garment and leather, following the event’s slogan that reads “Garment and Leather Trade Fair”. 

Starting with selected locations last October 2018 with a thoroughly-planned OOH strategy, the campaign has continued expanding on the roads and can now be seen with a mix of medium and large format OOH types in several districts of Greater Cairo.

Expomoda expands OOH campaign to advertise first edition-00
Expomoda expands OOH campaign to advertise first edition-00Expomoda expands OOH campaign to advertise first edition-01

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