Following their big-for-impact strategic OOH campaign in December, the popular app for food delivery Otlob is reigniting their ongoing strategy with more exclusive offers from restaurants across the city.

Maintaining the same visuals designs for easy recognition, the ads display new promotions at diverse restaurants, such as Auntie Anne’s, Man’oushe street and Al Dahan. Showcased individually, each restaurant promotion is accompanied by ad copy that informs viewers of the discounts and encourages them to use the app.

The new offers have merged with the ongoing campaign, using some of the previous locations and adding new ones across Greater Cairo.

Otlob withstands strategic OOH positioning for 3rd month-00
Otlob withstands strategic OOH positioning for 3rd month-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps | Courier Services

Brand: Otlob

Advertiser: Otlob

OOH Size: Billboard | Double-decker Pole | Gate | Large uni-pole

OOH Agency: AD Store

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Man’oushe Street | Special Promotion | Auntie Anne’s | Al Dahan

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