The mobile app for foodservice delivery Glovo continues on the roads of Greater Cairo with more special promotions.

Using the same branded yellow and white backgrounds from past campaigns, the Spanish mobile app started the month offering a new exclusive promotion from American QSR McDonald’s, with ad copy that informs viewers of the price and meal components under the slogan “Only from Glovo”.

After mid-February, new ads of similar design have appeared to offer exclusive discounts at coffee franchise Cilantro, using the same design and related messaging.

The campaign consists of mega signs and billboards and can be spotted in selected roads of Greater Cairo.

Glovo continues special promotions on Cairo billboards-00
Glovo continues special promotions on Cairo billboards-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps | Courier Services

Brand: Glovo

Advertiser: Glovo Egypt

OOH Size: Billboard | Mega-Sign

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: McDonald’s | Special Promotion | Cilantro

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