With the unstoppable rise of Real Estate, the roads of Greater Cairo are host to an increasing number of developers, who fight for visibility in an already over-crowded landscape.

Residential, commercial and vacation projects hit the billboards every month, and it is becoming hard for developers to differentiate themselves from competitors and ensure their message reaches their target audience.

Following their latest OOH campaign in December, which promised audiences “Your life is better in Genova”, we meet with the marketing team of Eastern Constructions to discover how the company works on brand positioning and differentiation among their fierce competitors.

Noha Barakat, the Marketing Manager at Eastern, tells us that their main target with this campaign was to position the developer (Eastern) above the project itself (Genova). Knowledgeable about the effective tactics for branding, Ms. Barakat tells us that “in this campaign, specifically, we’ve started to focus on Eastern in order to establish a ground for the next projects to come – so that when we launch the next project, we don’t have to mention Genova, we don’t need to relate the brand’s name to our previous project”.

In terms of strategy, one of Ms. Barakat first tasks when she joined Eastern was to find a solid marketing message, a unique selling point that could resonate with audiences. For their residential project in Sheikh Zayed Genova, the company’s management had chosen the “storm system” as the strongest selling point – a unique drainage infrastructure that avoids flooding when it rains.

The challenge in real estate, as the marketing team of Eastern confirms, is that a real estate project may have more than one target segment, as they offer different types of home units. In the case of Genova, for example, the project caters to three different customer segments. And as Noha Barakat explains, “we can never communicate with the three segments the same message. And we cannot communicate with the 3 segments at the same time”.

Their marketing strategy is therefore a complex set of tactics, as the team needs to focus on Genova as multiple products, and as they clarify “we need to study each product individually and come up with a unique selling point for each of them”.

As an integrated marketing communicator, Ms. Barakat researches competitors at all levels and keeps track of their strategies, making sure that she and her team have the necessary information to keep on top of the market.

She also keeps an eye on the roads of Cairo, describing the OOH market as “we’re living in a magazine”, with certain areas of Cairo specially crowded with billboards of all sizes.

The team agrees that “OOH is very important for any company to set your foot in the market and show the size of the corporate. You cannot compete with only digital marketing or BTL”. And usually, “OOH is more effective when it comes to budget allocation, because not everyone watches TV, but everyone walks on the streets”.

Genova’s December campaign was prepared in record time: 10 days, including conceptualization, ideation, production, and media booking. While they now get ready to evaluate the performance of the campaign in terms of customers and ROI, Ms. Barakat tells us that she hopes to see some advancements in the OOH market of Cairo, especially in terms of a wider choice in the production process, as well as better materials.

Looking forward to Eastern’s next project… and next great campaign!

How to strategically differentiate a Real Estate brand on the billboards of Greater Cairo-00How to strategically differentiate a Real Estate brand on the billboards of Greater Cairo-01
How to strategically differentiate a Real Estate brand on the billboards of Greater Cairo-00How to strategically differentiate a Real Estate brand on the billboards of Greater Cairo-01

The Art & Science of OOH

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