CDCM has revealed the outdoor teaser campaign that the brand launched at the beginning of August prior to the release of their new version of Peugeot 301.
The French automotive manufacturer has upgraded their 301 model to increase comfortability and aerodynamism. The ads borrow the backgrounds of empty roads from the previous teaser campaign and showcase the car in motion in flawless artwork. With LED lights that highlight the slogan of “Stay Connected”, the ads capture viewers’ attention right away and improve the campaign’s visibility.
The reveal campaign was launched at the end of August, just before Eid Al-Adha, and has replaced the teaser campaign in the same locations using uni-poles, mega-signs, double-decker poles, and Digital Billboards on the main roads of Greater Cairo.

Peugeot reveals OOH campaign for new 301-00
Peugeot reveals OOH campaign for new 301-00

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