Saudi-Emitrati production company Rotana Records has launched a new OOH campaign to announce the release of Rabeh Saqer’s latest album

Showcasing the album’s cover with the image of the star at his piano, the ads announce the artist’s latest album in a strong gold font “Rabeh 2019”, along additional copy that informs viewers that the album is now available in Egypt in CD format.

The campaign started during the first week of January and combines uni-poles, T-Poles and billboards on various locations across Greater Cairo.

Rotana Music releases Rabeh Saqer’s new album-00
Rotana Music releases Rabeh Saqer’s new album-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Entertainment

Brand: Rabeh Saqer

Advertiser: Rotana Records

OOH Size: Billboard | Large uni-pole | T-pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Album Release | Regional Brand

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