We are used to hearing that the roads of Greater Cairo are “cluttered” with billboards and that brands’ visibility and campaigns’ ROI are becoming harder to measure – and they are! With almost 8,000 ad faces of medium and large format, the city roads are certainly crowded with campaigns every way you go in the city.

As marketers, we need to report on the performance of every campaign, as well as the effectiveness of our audience targeting to make sure that the company’s marketing budget is deployed with maximum effectiveness. But how can we report to our CEO’s the results of the last campaign, when our ad was surrounded by our competitors’ ads?

Fortunately, Egyptian creativity has come to the rescue! Thanks to new forms of strategic media planning, media bookers are now planning campaigns in terms of “impact”, and not just in terms of “numbers”. Using serial combinations in the most strategic spots, they mix and match billboards of different sizes (and from different media owners!), telling the brand’s story in unique ways.

With the use of media intelligence and a touch of imagination, media bookers have become more strategic than ever – and also more creative too. Because this new form of OOH storytelling resonates with audiences and is proving to be a very efficient advantage when it comes to measure campaign performance.

If last year we foresaw the use of serial combinations for brand building on the roads as an upcoming trend, today we can confirm that the trend has evolved fast and changed the market dynamics to accommodate ideas never before considered with static outdoor campaigns.

And there are lots of takeaways for every side too, apart from the enhanced performance of the campaign, such as:

  • Higher collaboration between OOH media owners
  • Increased visibility for brands
  • Stronger impact for the campaign
  • Better brand positioning
  • New storytelling techniques that connect with audiences

Keep an eye on the billboards and don’t miss this new form of storytelling. And stay tuned to our daily news posts to discover how brands implement the trend.

The Art & Science of OOH

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