The National Postal Authority “Egypt Post” has launched their first OOH campaign to present their innovative mobile app and their variety of services.

Using branded backgrounds of green color, the visuals include infographics to present the mobile app and other related services, with the slogan “No more trips to pay your bills” that will sure cheer up the daily schedule of many city residents who need to pay the electricity, telephone and gas bills at the postal authority offices.

The campaign was released during the first week of December and can be seen on uni-poles, double-decker poles, lightboxes, mega-signs, billboards, and gate combinations on various locations across Greater Cairo.

Egypt Post joins the OOH scenery of Cairo-00Egypt Post joins the OOH scenery of Cairo-01Egypt Post joins the OOH scenery of Cairo-02Egypt Post joins the OOH scenery of Cairo-03

The Art & Science of OOH

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