As winter settles and we approach the end of the year, the OOH market of Greater Cairo has evolved to give way to the special promotions in industries like Ceramics, Fashion and Consumer Electronics, while other leading industries such as FMCG and Broadcast Media have temporarily moved away until the next season.

The celebration of the Mawlid has reactivated the Foodservice sector, but it has certainly been Black Friday what has generated a lot of activity between advertisers, with online portals and mobile apps competing for the audience attention.

Jumia announced their annual “Black Friday Offers”, while partnering with Orange, Careem and Valu in additional cross-promotions that have given the e-commerce platform plenty of visibility on the roads.

Regional competitor has relaunched their “White Friday” with a significant OOH campaign that has ranked #18 of the Top 20 of November – after a special promotion that didn’t last long enough on the billboards.

Other technology-based sectors have also been active during November. Spanish mobile app Glovo has taken off in Egypt with Out-Of-Home, Deezer has deployed massive OOH for their presentation in the Egyptian market and ranked #11, and Otlob has joined the special promotions of Black Friday.

And Mobile Devices brands have started their reactivation in time for the Christmas season. While OPPO evolved their strategic OOH media planning, Samsung has finally returned to the billboards to launch the new Galaxy A7 and Huawei’s subsidiary Honor has hit the billboards with Amir Karara as brand ambassador.

Telecom providers have shown some muscle during November, too. Etisalat reignited their OOH strategy just before the start of November with new cross-promotions, while Vodafone has created a whole marriage story with the Genie for Kart el Korot with a large campaign that has brought the brand to the Top 20 ranking in position #12.

Despite more humble in the number of ad faces, Orange has also been active with two campaigns, first in a cross-promotion with online portal Jumia for Black Friday, and then to offer Ibrahim Al Hakami’s ringtones with new OOH.

Among Consumer Electronics, Samsung TV has surprised the market with an outdoor campaign that celebrated 5 years of worldwide success and El Araby Group has competed Black Friday with “gifts and surprises”.

The Ceramics industry has experienced the highest growth, more than doubling its OOH occupancy. As usual during this time of year, brands and distributors launch the highest discounts and promotions to clear the year’s stock.

Egyptian brand Mahgoub has extended and upgraded their October outdoor campaign ranking #7, while Abd El Aziz El Sallab has focused on special promotions and Ahmed El Sallab has announced big discounts and also ranked at position #10 of the Top 20 of November.

Other brands like Ideal Standard have just launched an OOH to reinforce their participation at industry event ICS, and Mazloum has gone melancholic and invited customers to “dream” with a significant campaign that has ranked on position #13.

Automotive has also witnessed an increase in activity, with leading brands featuring their upgraded models for 2019 before the year ends.

Ghabbour Auto launched parallel campaigns to present the new models of CHERY and GEELY, and Mansour kept busy on the roads with the presentation of the new “Opel Astra” for the Egyptian market, an upgrade for ongoing MG campaign that included lighting effects, and a new promotion for Peugeot 3008.

German luxury brand Mercedes also hit the roads during November to announce their new GLC models, promising variety with sports and SUV models.

Real Estate has retreated a bit during November, though still the activity has been intense and interesting.

Iwan has revealed their latest residential project The Axis after teaser OOH campaign, GRANZA has switched OOH locations to improve reach and tycoon Sabbour/Al Ahly has announced a new phase at Odyssia with an impressive OOH of almost 100 ad faces that has ranked #6.

MARAKEZ has added new colors to District 5’s ongoing campaign, while Misr Italia has revealed first home units of Vinci with a campaign that has ranked #5 and new residential project The Icon has extended OOH campaign.

Rhodes has upgraded visuals for Phase II, Castle Landmark has returned to the billboards with new OOH and ranked #9, with neighbor Pyramidsreigniting promotion of La Capitale and AKAMadding visuals to Scenario’s Out-Of-Home campaign.

The New Capital has also witnessed a great branding initiative from developer Master Group, whose massive OOH campaign has ranked #1 of the Top 20 of November.

Egyptian tycoons have coordinated their outdoor initiatives. Hyde Park has ranked #16 with the launch of The Residences, Landmark Sabbour has ranked #17 to announce the new villas phase of Ilma at ARIA, and Wadi Degla has ranked #19 to restart the OOH promotion of Neopolis.

Commercial developments have also been on the roads. For example, Emaarannounced a new phase at Mivida Business Park with a discreet OOH campaign that was later on upgraded, and MG presented HQ with new OOH campaign

And though summer feels still far away, some developers have already started to think of next year. Such is the case of Blue Blue who is getting ready for 2019, and El Shahawi who has announced a new Lebanese partner for their Sokhna project Ein Hills.

As the cold settles in, marketers start to launch their special campaigns for Christmas and the New Year, so we still expect to see some creativity on the roads of the Greater Cairo before the end of the year.

Stay tuned to our daily news and remember: the better the insights, the better the strategy!


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