The month of October has surprised Egypt’s OOH market with an increase in the occupancy and a total change in the themes of the campaigns. With Autumn here, advertisers have rushed to promote their new products for the Fall season, with the beginning of the school year marking a before and after in many industries.

As expected, Broadcast Media, Food and Beverages and the Fashion sector have considerably increased their occupancy. Conversely, other sectors such as Automotive and Education have started to slow down.

Among  Broadcast Media advertisers – whose OOH occupancy has skyrocketed as much as 318% during October, activity has been intense.

MBC has returned to the OOH scene with a new look, Sada El Balad has presented their winter season shows on the billboards, like ONE – who ranked #6 of October Top Campaigns with almost 90 ad faces of large format, and DMC, whose campaign did not rank.

Al Hayah TV has gone massive in their autumn campaign and ranked in position #9, while Al Kahera Wal Nas has been more shy in their announcement of Alabakera’s Season 5.

Food&Beverages have increased their activity almost a 40%, with the back-to-school season pushing leading local and international brands to the roads.

Among dairy producers, Fricocheese has returned with outdoor campaign, Domty has released a new awareness initiative, Almarai has approached the billboards with creative die-cuts and Juhaynahas gone big to promote both, their Mix flavored milk range and their Refresh juice varieties.

AlAhram has promoted Fayrouz with a summer outdoor campaign, and Cadbury has repeated the same OOH campaign as last year for 5-Star, but has added some creative 3-D effects with die-cuts.

Coca Cola, on the other hand, has continued their sentimental massive campaign from September and ranked #19 with almost 50 ad faces of large format.

Banking has surprised with extra activity. HD Bank has launched a new outdoor campaign for their new mobile App, BanqueDuCaire has offered to take football fans to an Arsenal game, and BlomBank has joined the OOH scene of Greater Cairo for the first time.

Permanent advertiser like AAIB has added new messages to their ongoing OOH campaign, similarly to NBE who has started to promote NBEpay Visa mobile App with a new campaign.

And the private-hiremobileappsofthetransportationsector have returned with illusion to the billboards. After rebranding, Uber has launched a new OOH to focus on branding values and ranked #16, while regional brand Careem has celebrated 4 successful years in the Egyptian market.

Despite starting to decrease its overall OOH occupancy, the Automotiveindustry has certainly continued to enjoy a wide variety of OOH campaigns.

Toyota has launched their luxury brand Lexus in Egypt, as well as a new OOH campaign for the Toyota Fortuner‏ targeting 21st-century men with what was received by audiences as gender-discrimination.

EIT has upgraded their ongoing campaign to focus on the new KIA Sportage, Skoda has launched the new SUPERB 2019, Opel has presented the upgraded Insignia Grand Sport, and Suzuki has brought all their new models for 2019 to the billboards.

The Foodservice industry has gone down too – a bit over 20%. Delivery mobile app Otlob has reinforced their OOH strategy with new cross-promotions, PizzaHut has reposted their summer promotion for medium pizzas, and McDonald’s has offered happiness with their kids’ meals.

Education has done a last effort before leaving the roads until next June, with NGUextending their OOH campaign for last-call admissions, and ArabAcademy announcing their bright new partnership with University of London.

 Communication has also kept a low profile, with the overall OOH of the sector losing a 7%. Vodafone has brought back The Genie to promote an offer with SICO mobiles, while continuing their September massive campaign for Flex with action actor Ahmed El Sakka and their reduced August campaign for internet bundles with Egyptian actor Sayed Ragab.

Telecom Egypt’s WE has launched a new outdoor campaign for brand positioning, as well as the new “Control TAZBEET”, while French telecom Orange has focused its strategy on the Dolphin Tariff Plan, parallel to a cross-promotion with Chipsy starring Abu Hafiza and Yasmin Raeis “crunching it”.

Regional provider Etisalat has also been busy, first releasing Sherine’s new album “Nassay”, and later on focusing on cross-promotions with leading brands.

Real Estate advertisers have taken a short break and slowed down the OOH occupancy, probably to prepare stronger OOH strategies to compete in the over-crowded industry.

Among the summer projects that insist in offering holiday destinations, ARCO has once again upgraded the OOH messages for CityStars Al Sahel, while AZHA has returned to the billboards of Greater Cairo with a new look and TatweerMisr has launched a stronger campaign for Il Monte Galala and earned the rank at #4.

MakadiHeights has reappeared to offer a destination for all seasons, and LagunaBaySokhna has added sea views to the roads.

The growth of projects in the New Capital is reflected on the roads. MisrItalia has revealed VINCI with a wild campaign of almost 170 ad faces that has ranked #1 in the Top Campaigns of October.

TheCity has upgraded their media planning and ranked #3, while LaVerdehas also strategized and followed closely at position #7.

AKAM has announced the launch of Phase 2 for Scenario, REMCO has upgraded the visuals of Stella Park and PlazaGardens has announced a new phase at Rhodes.

Other metropolis have also seen an increase in the number of advertised projects. For example, in New Cairo, Al Burouj started the month revealing the first home units of ALCOR, to later on launch a teaser with a hidden CTA message and rank #10.

Projects like SODIC EAST, Address East and LaFontaine have returned to the billboards, and have been joined by new projects like The Icon, while Sabbour (Al Ahly) announced new phase “The Ridge” at Odyssia with impressive OOH and ranked #11 – while their ongoing campaign for Alaire Parks ranked #14.

The western side has been active too. Genova has upgraded their outdoor strategy, PalmHills has announced the launch of The Crown as well as Hale Town.

NEWGIZA has repeated their last year’s OOH campaign and IWAN Developments has presented new project The Axis with teaser and reveal campaign and ranked at #20 of the Top Campaigns.

In further locations, City Edge has revealed the first images of new project Zahya and ranked #18.

While we prepare for the cold weather and start planning for the winter season, stay tuned to our daily news and remember: the better the insights, the better the strategy!


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