Rixos Hotels has started the promotion of the very special concerts that will entertain the resort guests during the end of the year celebrations.

Using patterned white backgrounds that highlight the images of the superstars Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny individually, the hospitality tycoon has launched an outdoor campaign to promote the 30th and 31st of December concerts well in advance. Ad copy shows the names and logos of the hotel with the website and telephone for bookings, indicating viewers that the concerts will be “Exclusive for Rixos Hotel Guests Only”.

The campaign was released gradually during October using T-poles on strategic urban locations across Greater Cairo.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Entertainment | Hospitality

Brand: Rixos

OOH Size: T-pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Amr Diab | Tamer Hosny | New Year’s Eve | Live Concert

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