Keeping a stronghold on the OOH market, top advertisers  from different industries fight for visibility on the roads of Greater  Cairo with ongoing campaigns that continue to resonate with city  commuters.

Among Telecom Providers, we find brands like Etisalat and Vodafone who are lately releasing outdoor campaigns with a longer agenda and more focused messages. For example, Etisalat has maintained their Emerald Family plan on the roads since their launch last July, without any significant changes as to the locations or reach of the campaign.

Vodafone campaigns are also displaying longer cycles than before the summer. Such is the case of their internet bundles campaign that hit the roads last August with actor Sayed Ragab,  and their counterpart for Vodafone Flex cross-promotions with action actor Ahmed El Sakka released at the beginning of September.

Other sectors keep up the activity too. Coca Cola, one of the leading global beverage brands, is also maintaining a strong presence with their latest Out-Of-Home campaign. The sentimental approach and the variety of celebrities in the ads have made the campaign a real success on the roads.

And Oil & Gas, represented by Total and their anniversary campaign that was launched last August as the brand celebrated 20 years in the Egyptian market with engine oil Total Quartz.

Real Estate offers the largest variety of long ongoing campaigns, matching their overall OOH occupancy on the roads of Greater Cairo.
Talaat Moustafa maintains massive campaign for New Capital project Celia, with over 100 ad faces on the roads since the announcement last June.New Plan last upgraded their campaign for Serrano New Capital in August, around the same time that Hassan Allam Properties launched the campaign for Swan Lake Residences in New Cairo.

Sabbour/Al Ahly has maintained a stable presence for Odyssia since their return to the billboards in September.

A similar strategy has been followed by Better Home and the campaign for Midtown, who announced the new condo phase at the beginning of September.

Tatweer Misr evolved the campaign of Bloomfields in September and it has stayed in the roads with over 40 ad faces, while sister project Il Monte Galala took over with double that reach when released at the beginning of October.

El Shahawi also upgraded the campaign for beach project Pali during the second half of September and it is still on the roads.

After mid-September Egyptian developer Edge Holdingbrought back their residential project OIA in New Capital with new visuals and it seems it will stay for a few extra weeks.

And SODICreignited the promotion of SODIC EAST also during the second half of September and the campaign has remained stable with over 40 ad faces.

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