After too long hiding under the name Lenovo,  Lenovo has decided to bring Motorola back in a strong brand launch  which seems very much like a rebranding campaign. We all remember the  great experience most of us had with the old Motorola mobile phones –  they were powerful and came in unique designs.

The OOH campaign  has entered the streets with the same casual style and youthful  tone-of-voice that Motorola has started to use, with a yellow logo on a  blue background splashing under the M motif. It makes a great contrast  with the white slogan “Hello MOTO” that greets all drivers on the road  and reminds them of the brand’s reliability.

The outdoor campaign, though of intermediate size, can be seen all across the Greater Cairo cities.

hellomoto, The Ideal Comeback-00
hellomoto, The Ideal Comeback-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Devices

Brand: Motorola | Lenovo

OOH Size: Large uni-pole | X-Large uni-pole

Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: New Advertiser

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