A new teaser OOH campaign from Dino Activations has appeared on the roads of Greater Cairo to announce the upcoming new season of Disney Live! shows in Egypt.

 After a long absence from the entertainment scene, the campaign  announces the return of the multi-national brand of unforgettable movies  and mesmerizing shows. The ad copy teases audiences with “Soon”, under a  spotlight with the iconic cutout of Mickey’s head.

The campaign was  released for the second half of August and uses uni-poles and flags in  selected locations across Greater Cairo.

New OOH announces upcoming Disney Live! shows-00
New OOH announces upcoming Disney Live! shows-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Entertainment

Brand: Disney Live!

Advertiser: Dino Activations

OOH Size: Flag | Large uni-pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Global Brand | Feld Entertainment

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