Mobile manufacturer OPPO is keeping the market on edge with their correlated limited editions that follow the launch of their latest model OPPO F3.
Following the launch of F3 Limited Black Edition and the sponsorship of “Spiderman: Homecoming”, the new FC Barcelona Edition has arrived amid enthusiastic football fans and great activation events.
With well-connected serials and special set-ups in October Bridge and Salah Salem Road, the latest outdoor campaign from the brand has once again impressed viewers with strong branding and remarkable die-cuts. The ads showcase the new model in intense red color with the brand’s slogan “Selfie Expert” and the F3 specific slogan “Dual Selfie Camera”. The coats of arms of Barça is also present, both on the phone back design and in the corner of the ads, where OPPO indicates that they’re the official partner of the notorious football team. The artwork is elegant, with clean lines and white backgrounds that place a strong focus on the new FCB Limited Edition.

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