Following  the road works in the North Coast, the OOH scenery of Al Sahel is  changing its looks with new signs that have brought modernity to the  area – as well as versatility to advertisers and entertainment to target  audiences.

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the highest-trafficked hotspot of Egypt this summer:

1. Signs at road level for higher visibility

Since 2017, we have seen OUTSITE OOH Agency captivate audiences with their mega sign sets in Salah Salem Road. Campaigns like OPPO’s F3 launch or OUD’s die-cuts for Heliopolis Hills have been the talk of the city long after the ads were removed, so it  comes as no surprise to witness the proliferation of ad spaces at road  level in the newly built roads of Al Sahel.

This new type of OOH signs maximizes visibility duration as they retain viewers’ attention for longer periods. Also, their  modern size offers more versatility when it comes to ad design, which  translates into more creativity within the same ad space.

2. OOH sets for brand positioning

If  you want your brand to be seen, then one ad is just not enough. The  outdoor industry is moving towards branding zones and serials, with new  strategic combinations to maximize the ROI of each campaign.

The  new mega sign sets being built along the Marina Fence in Al Sahel  provide an exciting customizable combination of ad spaces. While the  campaign gains from being displayed on larger-format OOH, the brand gets  unique spots within the combination to leverage brand positioning.

3. Bigger spaces for bolder creativity

Creativity  always gives your ad more visibility – and boosts the efficiency of the  OOH space. Modern outdoor trends call for efficient spaces that can be  customized according to the marketing objectives of each brand.

The  new mega sign sets offer the perfect size and format for bigger  die-cuts and bolder 3D effects. Special productions have just found  their perfect home!

Enjoy  the new views while you commute towards the beach this summer, and stay  tuned as we report on the new campaigns in Al Sahel!

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