The  month of December proved to be a busy one in the Egyptian OOH industry.  Not to wonder with so many Christmas specials and New Year campaigns –  it was certainly a month full of festive messages and good wishes.

With more than 75% of occupancy, the roads of Greater Cairo  offered a varied and entertaining landscape that livened up the scene  for Egyptian drivers and passersby. Real estate companies ruled the Greater Cairo outdoor media market with more than 28% of the occupancy. It would seem that our already huge city is getting bigger with so many real estate developments going on ;).

MNHD’s project SARAI certainly went the extra mile in their outdoor campaign, with ads in almost 40  locations. Their varied brand messages of “luxury” and “matchless  lifestyle”, together with different artwork designs in the ads,  definitely reached Egyptians at many spots across the city. We loved the  simplicity, elegance and artistic value of their campaign!

Following not too closely, the Ceramics and Sanitary ware industry came second with a 10% of occupancy in the overall OOH market of Greater Cairo. Companies like Mazloum and Mahgoub run strong campaigns with the highest number of locations in the industry, taking the first two places of our Top 20 ranking.

Other industries, such as Food & Beverage, TV Networks and Banking also took high shares of the occupancy, ranging from 4.5 to 8%. Brands like KFC, DMCSports and Saibank run strong campaigns to gain visibility and increase awareness. The social campaign Bold Reformation (الإصلاح الجرئ) and the TV network On E came 3rd and 4th respectively in our Top 20… impressive!

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