With Ramadan  in its prime, the roads of Greater Cairo are filled with OOH creativity  and best wishes across every district of the city. The billboards  feature plenty of Ramadan campaigns, and INSITE OOH is here to make sure you don’t miss any of them!

As Ramadan is the month of giving, it was just natural that the first campaign to hit the roads was from Non-Profit foundation Misr El Kheir, who started as early as April to remind Egyptians of their zakat obligations while providing their multiple donation platforms. The charity organisation also repeated the initiative of The Biggest Box, which they launched at the beginning of May, and later on upgraded to a new “Ramadan Nawar” campaign, while intriguing viewers with the teaser that later on the foundation revealed as a reinforcement of their Zakat initiative.

After the start of Ramadan, Al Azhar also joined the roads with their annual philanthropic OOH campaign for Bait Zakat, and towards the end of May, we came across Majid Al Futtaim’sdonations campaign of the season.

As expected, Broadcast Media  took the OOH market by storm, with TV channels taking the lead in the  number of campaigns, but closely followed by radio stations. The first  channels to appear were MBC Misr, with their usual branded backgrounds and DMC, who upgraded their outdoor strategy with lighting effects to announce the drama series, talk shows and varied programs that would entertain families during the Holy Month. After a whole year, CBC came back to the roads full of creative die-cuts and the leading stars of their shows. Egyptian channel Al Naharrepeated the same artwork as last year’s Ramadan, as well as ON Drama, who arrived later and used the same campaign as last year. Other channels, like newbie Hawas TV and veteran AlHayah also hit the roads after the big tycoons with more humble campaigns.

Among the leading radio stations, Nogoum FM took the chance to present their broadcast schedule for Ramadan, followed by 90.90 FM who also announced their radio shows for the holy month, while international French station NRJoffered energy instead of drama.

Once the Holy month started, we also witnessed communication providers bring their Ramadan campaigns to the billboards, following the release of their seasonal top TV commercials.

Emirati telecom Etisalat chose cross-promotions with their “strongest card” at the beginning of the month, but later on brought the stars of their TV commercial to the billboards too. Vodafonemerged the Holy month with the upcoming World Cup in one campaign – the two major themes of the moment. Orange, on the other hand, spread the spirit of giving and good neighbors with the top stars of the moment.

The event of the season Supermarket Expoappeared on the billboards during the first week of May to announce its dates and location for this year.

Retailers also arrived early to the roads. For instance, Carrefourreleased their online store just in time for the special Ramadan offers, and Shoeroom also announced special discounts on their online store. They were joined by Rizkalla at the end of the month with their OOH full of special promotions and Porto Cairo Mall who announced their Mouled tent and concerts from beloved Egyptian singers.

The Food & Beverages sector  was one of the busiest, no doubt! A great variety of brands designed  special Ramadan OOH campaigns to accompany Egyptian families during  Iftar and Suhoor – dairy manufacturers were probably the most active in  the industry.

Almarai started the month with a special rebranding campaign, followed by Juhayna and their multi-product campaign as well as Danone and their special flavors for Ramadan.

Global chocolatier Ferrero also created a special edition of their Nutella spread just for Ramadan, with plenty of mosaic designs full of color and taste.

There  were other brands without a specific Ramadan campaign, but who sure hit  the roads just in time for the occasion. Such was the case of Egyptian  juice producer Faragello, who repeated last year’s campaign, ObourLand who appeared in the OOH scene with organic ingredients, chicken brand Temrywishing viewers “Bon Appetit!” and Kamena’s spice brand Spysi, who took the chance to showcase their rebranded packaging.

Leading names in the Foodservice industry  also appeared on the billboards, with OOH campaigns that invited  Egyptian audiences to celebrate Iftar and Suhoor at their  establishments.

Global QSR McDonald’srepeated the Share Box meal for Ramadan, while chicken franchise KFCoffered full combo meals for Iftar and Suhoor.

Likewise, business tycoon Amer Group launched a comprehensive outdoor campaign that promoted all their restaurants togetherChili’s, Mama, Studio Masr, and Halket El Samak – a campaign that run parallel to their Mouled tent event at Porto Cairo Mall.

Renowned bakeries launched OOH campaigns, too. Indian franchise Monigins celebrated Ramadan with artwork that displayed their many combinations of cakes and ingredients, and Egyptian Etoilefocused again on their kunafa – though thankfully without any eccentric messages this year.

Among traditional Egyptian banks, Banque Misr repeated same teaser and reveal OOH strategy, using the figure of Talaat Harb in their attempt to spread good wishes and inspire audiences during the Holy month.

Other, minor industries were also represented with targeted Ramadan campaigns. For example, global giant Johnson Wax relaunched their seasonal campaign for home perfumes brand Glade, but on this occasion the brand offered the right scent for Ramadan with Nancy Ajram as brand ambassador.

Look up to the billboards and enjoy the view of Ramadan 2018 in Greater Cairo!

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