Leading Egyptian brand Juhayna has hit the roads again this season with a new OOH campaign to promote several of their products, just in time for Ramadan.

  Their leading product for Ramadan, takes preference with a higher  number of ads, which feature the product in its different varieties and  includes the slogan “With you from Suhoor till Iftar”. Their milk and  dairy drinks, as well as their best-seller tomato puree are also  featured in the campaign, with individual ads for each line of products.

  Launched during the second week of May, the campaign uses uni-poles,  gates, mega signs, billboards, and serial combinations in various  locations across Greater Cairo.

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Juhayna launches “Back-To-School” campaign-cover-image

Juhayna launches “Back-To-School” campaign

Juhayna refreshes summer with creative die-cuts-cover-image

Juhayna refreshes summer with creative die-cuts

Juhayna supports Egyptian mothers-cover-image

Juhayna supports Egyptian mothers

Juhayna promotes “Happy Kitchen” product-line-cover-image

Juhayna promotes “Happy Kitchen” product-line


El Abd celebrates Eid and the World Cup together-cover-image

El Abd celebrates Eid and the World Cup together