The end of the summer holidays has been reflected in a short and intense month of August. Along with the summer entertainment campaigns and the holiday resorts, Eid Al-Adha has added variety to an overall occupancy of almost 80%.

As was expected, Education grew in number of campaigns and institutions that welcomed the back-to-school season. Newgiza University (NGU),BUE and Al Madina Academy all invited viewers to apply for their branded degrees and diplomas. An important edification campaign in the sector came from Nahdet Misr, who launched a teaser campaign to raise awareness against child abuse and completed the initiative with a reveal campaign for one of their educational brands Aladwaa.

Communication has grown almost a 2% with album releases, concerts’ sponsorships and smartphone launches. Vodafone has certainly been the most active, with as much as 6 outdoor campaigns on the roads during August. However, French telecom Orange  has ranked above the British counterpart in number of ads for the third  time this year, focusing on their music platform and a discreet  sponsorship of some summer concerts.

The Automotive industry has also made an impact. Though the increase in occupancy share is below a total 1%, there was variety of campaigns. FAW launched a new SUV, while car dealer MAC lured potential customers with a holiday trip to Turkey. The most outstanding campaign was Peugeot’steaser for the launch of upgraded model 301 in Egypt.

Ceramics & Sanitary Ware has also increased its visibility, with Mahgoub targeting young audiences and MostafaElSallab promoting their new branch.

After reconquering the market during July, Real Estate has kept the rhythm up, with an increase of 3%  of the total occupancy share of the OOH landscape. Concerts in summer  developing projects, phase launches and activation events have made some  brands stand out.

Citystars Properties has kept a massive presence with their campaign for Al Sahel project and ranked #1 in our Top 20 for the second month in a row. Sabbour has expanded the campaign for beach project AMWAJ, and Emaarhas finally welcomed the Greek at Marassi.

Other brands have chosen teaser campaigns to make their point. Such was the case of MARAKEZ, who repeated the strategy to introduce Central West, and M2 Developments, which are slowly revealing a comprehensive and very meaningful branding campaign since their first appearance last July.

Better Home has launched the first project of the New Capital, and Blue Moon has released a campaign with varied types of Serials and Set-ups for project Aurelia.

The rest of industries have kept a stable presence, with the only significant decrease in the Home Appliances sector.

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