Following their recent Zakat campaign, Misr El Kheir has evolved their OOH strategy to start raising donations with the Biggest Box.

With more sober artwork than their campaign last year,  the Egyptian foundation informs viewers in the ad copy of the duty to  provide Iftar meals to everyone in need, and provides information on the  many channels through which the audience can send their donations.

 The campaign started to spread after mid-April and uses uni-poles,  billboards, gates, and double-decker poles in selected locations across  Greater Cairo.

Misr El Kheir relaunches the “Biggest Box”-00
Misr El Kheir relaunches the “Biggest Box”-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Non-Profit

Brand: Misr El Kheir

OOH Size: Billboard | Gate | Large uni-pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Ramadan Campaign

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