With the Eagle tariff plan still on the roads, telecom operator Orange has launched a parallel OOH campaign to promote Dolphin, another example of their new jungle plans.

  The new campaign for Dolphin features a totally different style to  Eagle, with more sober ads that focus on the message instead of the star  brand ambassadors. Over branded backgrounds, ad copy explains viewers  the main traits of the tariff plan, accompanied by the icon of the  Dolphin plan.

Launched during the second week of April, the campaign  is more limited and uses large uni-poles, gates, T-poles, billboards,  and flags across the Greater Cairo.

Orange’s Dolphin meets Eagle on the roads-00
Orange’s Dolphin meets Eagle on the roads-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Communication

Brand: Orange

OOH Size: Billboard | Flag | Gate | Large uni-pole | T-pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Global Brand | Orange Dolphin

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