September  has brought about a few noticeable changes to the OOH landscape of  Greater Cairo, though the occupancy share has stayed stable at almost 80%. As the summer came to an end, so did our holidays. This has given way to the Back-to-School season, with Autumn waiting us just round the corner.

Eid Al-Adha has delivered the last peak of the season to the Entertainment industry. Two outdoor campaigns announced the premiéres of movies El Khaleya and El Kenz, promising to entertain audiences during the religious holiday.

Football  has been the buzz of the month, with advertisers across several  industries supporting Egypt’s National Team in their qualification road  to FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. Specially in the case of Communication providers, who have kept busy during the month and increased their OOH occupancy share over 3,5%. Vodafone was the first to hit the billboards with an amusing campaign that recommended Mata’atesh. And Orange joined soon promoting a special package for football fans.

However, the biggest surprise in the Communication industry came from Egypt Telecom, who has recently launched their own mobile network we, with an outdoor media strategy that included a teaser campaign hinting at the launch, and a reveal campaign that aimed at building emotional bonds with the audiences. The massive spread has rocketed the brand to the first position of our TOP 20.

Broadcast Media has started to reveal the shows for the upcoming Fall season, with sports channels taking prominence on the roads. BeIN Sports promoted the exclusive broadcast of European football, while ON Sport focused on Egypt’s qualifying games for Russia 2018 and DMC Sports advertised the Egyptian League.

The Back-to-School season has been a great opportunity for the Food & Beverages sector to grow their occupancy share to over 8%. Dairy manufacturers have been noticeable, with Danone launching a contest of school prizes and Juhayna offering discounts on children’s favorite milk flavors. Other brands like Halayeb have come back to the billboards with their “experts” campaign, and Frico has brought their rebranded look to Egypt.

Automotive brands have also shown some muscle, with the industry doubling its total occupancy share. Peugeot started the month revealing their remodeled 301 with elegant designs and LED lighting. Kasrawy Group hit the billboards to launch Jac S3, and National Motors joined to promote DFSK’s latest SUV model. Probably all this activity forced Geyushi Motors to upgrade their campaign for FAW X40.

As mentioned above, Real Estate has shifted focus from holiday resorts to the city residential and commercial compounds. Despite losing almost 3% of the OOH occupancy share, the industry keeps a massive presence and holds most positions of our Top 20.

All the leading developers have made a strong come back to the city’s outdoor landscape. Dorra Developments was the first tycoon to hit the billboards to announce their upcoming projects in New Cairo. From the opposite side of the city, MARAKEZcentered the focus of their OOH campaigns on their West Cairo project.

Capital Group Properties launched a teaser for Clubside Residence at Al Burouj, followed by a quick reveal of the stunning views of the project.

Nothing to do with the impressive teaser from MNHD, who kept the city in suspense with the catchy slogan “Cairo Reimagined” and a massive OOH campaign for the relaunch of luxury project TajCity.

Other prominent advertisers were also present; Emirati-Egyptian Emaar advertised a new project under the name of Gardens, and SODIC switched their branding campaign to night and day views of their SkyCondos project.

Traditional industries that had been strong during the summer, such as Ceramics & Sanitary WareHomeAppliances, Education, and Non-Profit started to go down in OOH occupancy share, while Banking, Medical & Pharmaceutical, and Furniture & Interiors remained stable throughout the month.

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