2017 was an exciting year for the outdoor media landscape of Greater  Cairo. The general occupancy across the city kept well above an average  80%, and some campaigns impacted the market in unexpected ways, giving  way to new tendencies that will continue to develop during 2018.

Here are the 5 top trends that will shape the outdoor media landscape of Greater Cairo in the upcoming months:

1- Brand building on the roads

Since mobile manufacturer OPPO installed their first Branding Zone back in October 2016, several brands have tried new combinations of serials and special set-ups trying to catch viewers’ attention.

Branding zones, branding corridors,  and the all-new branding lounges have proven the most effective way to  build a strong image on the roads during the past year. With strategic  positioning that goes beyond the regular media planning, 2018 will  certainly see many brands franchising the roads with new ways of  ultimate OOH branding.

2- Bolder creativity

Long gone are the days when three ads on  October Bridge were enough to position your brand in the Egyptian  market. With about 6.000 ad faces across the city, Outdoor Media still  has the highest reach in Cairo, but standing out from your competitors  is also becoming harder with each campaign. Creativity not only gives your ad more visibility, it also makes viewers perceive  the effort behind the campaign – and creating that bond with your target  audience is the best way to connect with them!

Throughout 2017, we have seen the evolution of die-cuts from small bites  exceeding the borders of the ads a few centimeters, to full 3-D designs  of several square meters that bring a totally new dimension to the  concept of billboard. Campaigns like OUD’s Heliopolis Hills on Salah Salem, and the OPPO Bridge last summer on Cairo-Alex Road have set new standards in OOH creativity.

2018 promises to surprise audiences with bigger and bolder designs… wait to be amazed!

3- Increased use of special effects

The last quarter of 2017 has witnessed a remarkable increase in the use of lighting effects on the billboards. Advertisers seem to have realized that Cairo traffic  still flows during the night, and lighting effects are a catchy way of  grabbing the audience attention.

Brands like Cheetos, Midtown, Peugeot, Genova, and El Abd have all added a new dimension to their campaigns, with lighting  effects that have made their ads stand out both, in reach and the wider  environment.

Though designs seem to be still in an early phase, we  expect that during 2018 the creative minds in the outdoor media  industry will meet their perfect match among lighting engineers.

4- More efficient teasers

We have seen as many as 40 teaser campaigns this year on the roads of Greater Cairo! Certainly a great way to  create a buzz for upcoming products or events, teaser campaigns are  usually deployed across all industries. There have been excellent  examples during 2017, such as PQ, Vodafone, Uber, and Cairo Reimagined by MNHD.

One of the most common traits among Teaser Campaigns has been the  inclusion of hashtags as a CTA (Call-To-Action) to engage with fans on  Social Media. However, most of these campaigns were either not planned,  or simply not implemented. Some of them included hashtags that led  nowhere, like Go Bus campaign in summer; others (even worse) included hashtags that led somewhere  else, or were overtaken by the fans in unexpected ways, like “Concrete icons” or Etoile’s Ramadan campaign.

The amount of teaser campaigns is on the rise, and we expect it to  keep growing during 2018. If your brand is planning one to engage with  fans, whether online or offline, just remember that the audience will  have a conversation about it – so maybe it’s better if your Marketing  team is also part of that conversation.

5- Use of market intelligence

Big data is everywhere… in Egypt too! With the rise of companies like MOOH (Monitoring Out-Of-Home),  marketers across all industries have started to understand that  efficient planning in Outdoor Media means better results at a lower  cost.

Planning a campaign based on numbers eliminates the “hunch  factor”, converting media planning into an effective way to reach your  target audience – whenever and wherever you choose.

Research shows that marketers intend to increase the use of Market Insights not only to decorate their strategies with colorful graphics, but to create their best campaign ever.

Stay tuned during 2018 as we reveal the evolution of these trends.

The Art & Science of OOH

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