WE, the constantly rising, most influential telecommunication company in Egypt has made its way on Cairo’s OOH scene since it’s last January OOH campaign.

WeBonus is partnering with Danone Egypt making sure to pamper customers when they recharge a line, or buy a Kix line or setup or recharge WE SPACE add-on packages or Nitro X packages for mobile internet and get Danone coupons to redeem them from anywhere with an “امان” sign. As usual, WE stays true to its color identity as shown in the ad copy’s background which is the deep purple color with colorful illustrations of Danone’s special treats along with a statement that says “متخليش نفسك فى حاجة”

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Telecommunication

Brand: WE

Advertiser: TE (Telecom Egypt)

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Promotional Campaign | we

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