Telecom operator Etisalat, which has built its identity around the main tagline "The Strongest Network in Egypt", has reappeared on Greater Cairo's billboards with a new thrilling and exciting outdoor campaign raising awareness on the new platform from Etisalat Misr; Emerald. The campaign features some of Egypt's most prominent stars, the beloved actors; Shereen Reda and Khaled El Nabawy. Etisalat's previous campaign gave ambassadorship to Ahmed Amin and 3enba, to promote summer 2021 bundles, however, Etisalat is now back on billboards, stronger than ever, with a massive campaign, making an impression on the roads. 

Etisalat Misr invites the masses to join the world of Emerald today, and discover the most flexible, worry-free postpaid tariffs in the market. Customers now have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive bundle of 'Emerald Entertainment' which features the all-new 'E-coins experience' and provides the best media content through application memberships in; WATCH It!, Jawwy TV, OSN Select, beIN Connect, Etisalat TV, STARZPLAY, Music and Sports, as well as the best telecom offerings that revolve around family account experience and Quad play. 

The campaign uses a screenshot visual of Shereen Reda and Khaled El Nabawy sitting on a luxurious brown sofa, wearing elegant emerald green outfits. The color scheme used in the campaign maintains Etisalat's brand identity in green, and turquoise which commonly evoke powerful emotions in OOH advertising. The colors are bound to make audiences think of nature, renewal, life, abundance, refreshment, and security. Etisalat Emerald offers a realm of exclusive privileges where customers shall be provided with a vast spectrum of connectivity, with a plethora of advantages that will take travel and business experiences to a whole new level. 

To uncover extra details on Etisalat Misr's campaign, visit Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), Cairo's dedicated media intelligence company and analysis system that will provide information regarding campaign types, kinds, budgets, locations, media plans, and more.

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