Global French brand ELVIVE launches OOH campaign to promote recently launched “Extraordinary Oils” line of hair products.
Part of L’Oreal Paris group, ELVIVE has finally adapted the award-winning oil formula to the MENA market and launched it among buzzing anticipation.
With the slogan “Dry hair will be completely transformed”, the ads showcase a model with lavish, shiny hair next to the nourishing oil replacement product. Made up of six different rare flower oils that nourish, hydrate and relax hair, this line of products is already a best-seller across Europe and promises to be a success in the MENA Region too.
The campaign spreads across Greater Cairo with Megas, Large and X-Large uni-poles, and some Gates.

ELVIVE launches “Extraordinary Oils” in Egypt-00
ELVIVE launches “Extraordinary Oils” in Egypt-00

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