Breitling introduces its Spotlight Squad of Charlize Theron, Misty Copeland & Yao Chen to Dubai’s roads

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Breitling introduces its Spotlight Squad of Charlize Theron, Misty Copeland & Yao Chen to Dubai’s roads

Following Breitling’s latest OOH activity in November, the luxury jewelry brand is back to the outdoor arena with an outdoor advertising campaign on the billboards of our beloved Dubai, introducing the powerful Spotlight Squad, featuring actress Charlize Theron, ballet dancer Misty Copeland, and actress Yao Chen to promote the brand’s Chronomat collection.

The OOH campaign is using pink marketing to empower the females of The Emirates, directing this feminine, and strong collection to them, using three performing arts pioneers as its brand ambassador with one thing in common, being successful, dynamic and self-made philanthropists, channeling all these characteristics to empower other women. As for the visuals, it portray Charlez Throne, the brand's long-time ambassador in an assertive look, wearing the Chronomat Automatic 36 in a Stainless Steel gem-set in the amazing white color, alongside Mistry Copel in the same watch, choosing the stainless steel & 18k red gold and white, while acting cheerful and energetic, and finally, Yao Chen is looking as glamourous as we know her, picking the red gold gem-set in white as well. The ad copy simply intitles the Swiss luxury watchmaker well-known name, the stars' and the collection's as well.

The OOH campaign surfaced on the billboards of Dubai during the first week of January, with an all-digital out-of-home media plan, mostly by Meraas in Al Safa Street in City Walk, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, United Arab Emirates. 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Jewelry

Brand: Breitling

Advertiser: Breitling

OOH Size: Digital Billboard

OOH Agency: Meraas

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Al Safa Street | City Walk | Dubai | UAE | United Arab Emirates | Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulivard | Charlez Throne | Misty Copeland | Yao Chen | Spotlight Squad

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