Despite all the ongoing events that have been affecting all of us as individuals, the capital of any industry and the number one fuel to the OOH market, the outdoor media has been holding on to the last straw of hope, seizing Ramadan’s season to spread hope and fun, leaving the door open for a slow yet applicable strong comeback of the market.

As a result to the United Company for Media Service’s intervention to save the outdoor market after many advertisers have withdrawn from the streets of Egypt. Led by Tamer Morsy, the United Company has released an OOH initiative, announcing the upcoming Ramadan series in order for them to bring back the outdoor glam to the streets of Greater Cairo through Broadcast Media industry, after the huge decline in numbers of OOH campaigns due to COVID-19’s outbreak. CBC,DMC, AlHayat and ON E have been one of the TV networks campaigns that appeared on Cairo’s billboards to support freshen up the market, adding Watch iT campaign that has been appearing on each of the mentioned campaigns to announce that they are the only VOD service that streams their displayed series.

On the other side, several ongoing campaigns have been reappearing on the billboards of Cairo to hold on their market positing and OOH activeness, such as Keeva, TMG Holding and Westlane Blvd which climbed the ladder up to land advanced ranking than before, while only Bloomfields’ Campaign by Tatweer Misr has fallen behind by 10 places this month.

Numbers don’t lie, get to know more through April’s Market Insights by clicking on this link:

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