The outdoor advertising market has always been surprising, getting up and down with industries and occupancy numbers to make marketers wonder. But, numbers have always revealed the mystery and solve the puzzle when it comes to the how and why of the OOH market.

March has brought a jump up in the real estate industry from 38% in February to 45% in March which has affected its percentage in the Top 20 Campaigns of March as well, to once again set on the throne of the industry occupancy after a decrease in its numbers during the past few months. The reason behind this increase is the unfortunately postponed Cityscape Egypt, the largest exhibition for real estate developers and enthusiasts that was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Despite the decreasing of the total numbers of campaigns, the numbers have proven that the occupied locations in Greater Cairo have increased by 3% this month in a sign of hope.

Numbers have never failed us, tracking, monitoring, and analyzing the OOH scene to sum things up for the audiences every month with a detailed overview of how the market behaved during the 30 days of OOH. To get to know the Top 20 Campaigns of March 2020, visit this link:

The Art & Science of OOH

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