Brought to you by Nestlé Egypt, one of the most popular coffee brands in the world, NESCAFÉ Egypt is back after their last outdoor campaign in June, this time launching an OOH awareness campaign to announce their newly developed blend Cappuccino Gold for a richer taste.

With everybody into coffee anyway and the back-to-school season that starts in days; the urge of having a nice cup of coffee to boost your energy with caffeine is getting stronger every day. The visuals have a dark background to show the richness and sophistication of the brand, placing a cup of cappuccino in the center of the visuals with a brown tone around it and next to it stands the Nescafé Cappuccino Gold packet while the ad copy says “Nescafé” and in gold we find “Cappuccino Gold”, in addition to the word “New” on the upper right side. 

Appearing during the last week of August, the campaign can be seen on uni-poles, billboards and mega-signs in different locations across Greater Cairo.

“Discover a richer taste” with NESCAFÉ Cappuccino Gold-00
“Discover a richer taste” with NESCAFÉ Cappuccino Gold-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages


Advertiser: Nestlé Egypt

OOH Size: Billboard | Mega-Sign | Uni-Pole | Gate

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Country: Egypt

Region: MENA

Tags: Product Launch | Cappuccino Gold | Global Brand

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