Prime real estate developer Castle Development fires a branding OOH campaign to advertise their main two projects on the roads of Greater Cairo; Castle Landmark and East Side in New Capital, getting back to the billboards after their last outdoor campaign in March.

Dropping a branding campaign now and then helps developers to remind their potential buyers with their achievements, in addition to gaining their trust by showing how long they have been in the market, using a solid proof of their multiple projects. Since black gives a sense of elegance and exclusivity, Castle Development uses a black background and a white font, embracing the minimal design to get rid of any unwanted elements there and capture your attention easily, showing their residential project “Castle Landmark” and mixed-use project “East Side” explaining in the ad copy that it’s a “Commercial – Medical – Administrative project”, adding that “We are expanding in New Capital”, “Our projects in New Capital” promising that there is “More to come”, while the advertiser’s logo lies on the left side.

The campaign started to spread during the last week of July, using mega-signs, butterfly double-deckers and uni-poles in different locations across our beloved Greater Cairo.

Castle Development returns with an OOH branding campaign-00
Castle Development returns with an OOH branding campaign-00

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