Parallel to their campaign for GAIA, Egyptian tycoon developer Al Ahly Sabbour continues to reinforce their vacation projects on the roads with an ongoing OOH strategy just in time for summer, bringing to the billboards Amwaj in North Coast.

The visuals bring two colors everyone is longing for, the blue color is illustrated in sea waves and the yellow color reflects sand shades, as well as adding a little touch of green by showing illustrated leafy plants. The ad copy is reserved in a royal blue rectangle in the middle of the ad, it has the projects name “amwaj” and slogan “State of mind”; the developer’s logo and hotline appear at the bottom.

The campaign was spotted during the first week of June, using uni-poles and double-decker poles in different locations across Greater Cairo

Al Ahly Sabbour offers you “State of mind” in Amwaj-00
Al Ahly Sabbour offers you “State of mind” in Amwaj-00

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